Race against time

I’m quickly trying to memorize the Beethoven Sonata and the Chopin Mazurka. It’s a race against time now. I have two weeks to get them into my hands for jury. Surprisingly, I’m not too stressed. I know life goes on after jury, I’m excited for summer and posting more piano videos, and I can finally […]

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Making Music Magic

Hey friends! Today was a chill Sunday, I played the hymns for church this morning. It went well! I got chipotle. I took a nap. Then I did an hour of yoga. After yoga I practiced my jury pieces. I did the Chopin Mazurka in depth, and played through the Beethoven sonata a few times. […]

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Perfection Paralysis

Hi I’m Elisa and I used to be a perfectionist. I read somewhere of a term called Perfection Paralysis, I didn’t have this problem but it’s interesting to share: Perfection paralysis: spending too much time on the details that you don’t get anything done. You are unable to share your creations because you think they […]

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This is my private journal entry that I made today, but I’m going to make it public because it might help someone. “Just had what I believe to have been the worst piano lesson I’ve has so far. Or should I say best? Because I learned a lot about how i should practice. It was […]

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Piano Masterclass Notes

This spring break was fun, I’m spending my time listening to awesome talented pianists for a few days. There’s an international piano competition happening at SMU, and they had 3 masterclasses we could attend. Being a piano nerd, I went to two of them and mentally took notes during each one. For those of you […]

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Piano lesson improvement

I am very satisfied right now, a subdued joy in my heart. I had another great piano lesson! After I played for my professor, he said “very good” many times with a smile. I’m working on a difficult fast Bach piece and I tackled it almost perfectly during the lesson. It’s not the fact that […]

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Podcasts in Traffic

Update on yesterday: I found my wallet! It was on the floor on the back seat of my car. I guess I’m not at rock bottom anymore. I was in yesterday morning’s rush hour traffic, and thought I should optimize this hour I’m wasting in the car. I should listen to some motivational, helpful life […]

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