Book Review: Ditch Your Average Job and Start an Epic Business and Score the Life you Want – Daniel Dipiazza



Hi! This is a great book, and I’m so glad I picked it out of the many business books on the Barnes and Noble shelves! I couldn’t bring myself to put it down because of its wealth of knowledge. And I read it in three days. Geared towards 20-something year-olds, it shows  step-by-step how to become an entrepreneur and/or freelancer. I have been wanting to have my own business to clean up that nasty student debt, and I knew there were ways other than jobs (Just Over Broke) to make pay off and surpass student loans. My mindset has always been on wanting to create ideas and helping people with them. I find little-to-no purpose in exchanging time for money doing something mundane at a retail or office job, it won’t better me as a person as much as I want. My time is worth too much. I know it’s hard to keep up with jobs and everything, but that’s why we need to make side businesses for ourselves as 20-somethings, and slowly build it up to become financially independent.

I highly highly recommend this book to friends who want to make an impact in society by sharing their skills. The formula Daniel made is simple: almost ANY idea can be freelanced. For instance, if you know Mandarin, start teaching people for $20 an hour! Use skills you already have, get the word out, and sell them to people who would like to have them. The idea is simple, but executing it is definitely harder because you need clients, to stand out from competition, and overcome mental barriers.

Daniel gives tips on how to stand out as a freelancer, and to focus your service to solve a problem people already have. He also wrote about how to make money while you sleep, through the internet, and creating passive income when people buy your knowledge or items online. For example, information products such as ebooks or online mini-courses are excellent to sell if you have a big following.  But first you need to reach out to people who really want to obtain a skill you have. I might try this myself later down the line. Just starting small here!
I enjoyed the daily habits he recommend at the end, of which were:
-reading more (with book recommendations)
-commitment to constantly learn and grow
-meditation (yeess!)

The KEY thing I got from this book is that you need develop self-confidence, knowing that the skills you have to contribute to the world are valuable! Having faith in your abilities is the first thing to develop. For me, the hardest thing is actually to stop worrying about if the skills I have are good enough to help people. Daniel mentions that when you start out, you suck at first, but the more you do it the better you become. You just have to get started. This sounds a little common sense-y but it’s true.

Ok, obviously I give this book 5 stars. The only drawback in the book is that Daniel mentions his online program several times throughout the book, it became repetitive.

I’ll leave you with this quote from the book:
“The skills you acquire along your journey are yours to use as you wish, at a price that you command.”

Keep reading!
Elisa Marina

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