Welcome to InquiryForever

Photo on 3-22-16 at 1.22 PM

Hi! My name is Elisa Marina, and I love learning about a LOT of things! I am fresh out of college and can now study the things I want, and read the 20+ books that have been collecting dust in my dorm. I named this site inquiryforever because I have a variety of topics of interest (music, books, health and wellness) that I just couldn’t pick one subject to write about!

BUT, there is one consistent theme here, and that is self-improvement. I always want to better myself, whether by running a farther distance, meditating longer, and reading more books. I want to expand my knowledge of the world and inspire that sense of learning in others. I never want to stop learning or exploring the things and places our beautiful world has to offer.

Let’s be in a constant state of inquiry, and discover new things together. I’ll be posting book reviews, musical discoveries, yoga progress, and whatever else peaks my interest. All of these are for exploring new things in life, embracing the ups and downs and sharing about them. I hope they will inspire you to develop new perspectives in life and be on the track of self-empowerment and empowering others.

Stay tuned!!

Elisa Marina

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