June Reflection

  June is almost over.. since when? This month went by very fast, and I’m not even that busy! Before July comes to sneak up on me I wanted to write about how my life is going one month after coming home from graduating. June was a good month of deciding what I wanted to […]

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40 Books Challenge

In May, my crazy self wanted to do a book challenge to read 40 books by 2018.  I know, it sounds like a lot. My reasoning was to finish all of those books collecting dust that accumulated in my dormroom desk . It was expensive to ship the 20+ books home… so expensive.. But now […]

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Creative Writing Sample

I don’t do creative writing, but I feel I should try different types writing. The purpose of my daily blogs is to essentially get better at writing. And what better way to exercise the imagination than by writing stories? Here is something I wrote down in my journal in Starbucks. It might be bad, but […]

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Embracing Hispanic Heritage

“Do you want a quince or a sweet sixteen?” This question confused me in my teens, more than the fact that my Dad asked it  genuinely. It came from out-of-the blue, For me, I was uncomfortable having to choose, so in the end I didn’t choose either. Why would a white-looking girl not fluent in […]

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We need art now more than ever.

Two days ago I was lounging in the nearly empty cinema, legs propped up with popcorn in my hands, for five hours watching a livestream of the Cliburn International Piano competition. Six young talented finalists competed for a recording contract, PR coverage, and a world concert tour. There was so much at stake. Believe it […]

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Finding freedom Post-Graduation

Hi everyone. Do you like the photo I found on google images? It’s pretty good for the topic I’m writing about! I wanted to write about how my life is going three weeks after graduation. Am I still happy? Am suffering from a career crisis? Will I contribute positively to society? My response to all […]

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