Creative Writing Sample

I don’t do creative writing, but I feel I should try different types writing.

The purpose of my daily blogs is to essentially get better at writing. And what better way to exercise the imagination than by writing stories? Here is something I wrote down in my journal in Starbucks. It might be bad, but we all begin badly at something new. Enjoy.

Blue Mountain Peru.

Lucy sits uncomfortably in the deep blue armchair, the same color that reminds her of the room that she and H last met in. Actually, she could barely notice the blue walls as her eyes were closed and trying to enjoy the last embrace with H. It would be the last time he hugged her before sailing the not-so-blue ocean to Australia, for a reason he refused to tell her.

At this moment, sitting in the cushioned chair, “I shouldn’t ruminate on this”, she thought. But it was almost impossible to divert her attention to something as mundane as planning a vacation with her childhood friend Eva. A part of her was excited to accompany her to the snowy mountains of Peru. The high-altitude, expanses of land, and funny-looking llamas seemed interesting enough to steer her mind into an adventurous direction. But she wasn’t quite ready to move on.

Last New Year’s Lucy made a promise to Eva they they would visit her favorite mountan, Huascaran, since Eva received the terrible news that her grandma in Peru was deathly ill. While they were going to visit her grandma, maybe for the last time, Eva needed to see the mountains that her ancestors traversed, and climb them in honor of ther grandma. It would be fun and sentimental for her.

Lucy researched the culture of Peru, she didn’t know Spanish, or was it Portuguese? She didn’t know. But she read in books from the library that Peru had psycadelic mountains and thought that was cool. She decided they would be there for two weeks, some of it they would spend wih Eva’s family, and towards the end of their trip they would scale part of the mountains. This was definitely going out of her comfort zone, because Lucy never travelled abroad, let alone climbed a mountain. “I think that’s enough studying”, she said to herself. “Why read something in books when you can go and discover them yourself?” Besides, she needed to finish the details on the river in her painting.”





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