40 Books Challenge

bookshelf01.jpgIn May, my crazy self wanted to do a book challenge to read 40 books by 2018.  I know, it sounds like a lot. My reasoning was to finish all of those books collecting dust that accumulated in my dormroom desk . It was expensive to ship the 20+ books home… so expensive.. But now I’m going to read those books in this challenge! And since I’m out of college for the summer I have time to read whatever I want. 🙂

I wanted to post my goal publicly to keep me accountable for it. You know that I want to read 40 books, and that means I gotta do it. And hopefully by New Year’s I’ll look back and see if I did it or not. Hopefully I will, but it won’t be easy. According to Goodreads I’m behind by 12 books.

Weeks after finishing a book I can’t remember for the life of me main characters names, plots, and obvious things about the book. For this problem book reviews and summaries help me remember the story.  Look forward to my book reviews/summaries here about once a week.

I have 35 books left! My next book is called “Mastery” by Robert Greene, and it’s nonfiction. The book review will be up this weekend! I’m open to recommendations too.

Lastly, friend me on Goodreads if you haven’t already!


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