June Reflection



June is almost over.. since when? This month went by very fast, and I’m not even that busy! Before July comes to sneak up on me I wanted to write about how my life is going one month after coming home from graduating.

June was a good month of deciding what I wanted to do with my life. The day after I came home from Rochester I decided I wanted to teach piano, and would prefer that to a retail job. So I got a job freelancing as a Piano Teacher. With marketing help from my “Lessons in your Home” I will have more students soon! It’s great because I can continue to teach while studying at my University. It’s a blessing I got this position.


I have been running in the mornings. When I first started doing the 7am runs my tired body was like noo thank you..  but now that I’m used to it, running is SO fun. I’ve been running to movie soundtracks I’m currently running to “Beauty and the Beast Soundtrack” haha. At 7am my Mom and I head out the door to the Tejas Park down the street. The park is a lopsided rectangle shape and it’s like our track. Each lap is about half a mile and that’s how I track the distance I run. Normally I run six laps, and I usually see the same people every morning walking their dogs around the park. After sweating so much (my shirts are always drenched) I cool off with a delicious fruit smoothie.

Friends and Social Life

My social life started out slow because I barely know anyone in the Plano area. It was a little saddening coming home because I haven’t had a chance to branch out to meet people in the area since we recently moved here. Social life was an area of my life I wanted to improve this summer. I’m slowly making friends (as an adult) lol ! I am going to a 20-30 year old young adults meditation tonight, and am also part of another mindfulness group that meets weekly. We talk about following your joy and how that affects your life decisions.. and I am proof that following your joy is the best thing to do for yourself. These talks and meditations have been great ways to interact and meet like-minded people here my age. I went to a Holistic Life Fair this past weekend and had some fun with friends in my group!


My piano practice has been on and off, to be honest. I feel kind of stuck, I haven’t been practicing as much because I feel the pressure to be at the top of my piano performance before I start school in August. I’m procrastinating because I’m a perfectionist. So for that reason it’s intimidating for me to get to the piano. I still enjoy playing, it’s just getting the courage to sit on the bench because I know I have a lot of technique to work on. I will work on that mental block!

Vitamin B12

A few days ago I realized I am B12 deficient, I was getting a little tired, and had less energy than normal, and even was getting weird heart palpitations. So I got the B12 vitamin took it yesterday and this morning I felt amazing!! B12 is found in meats and dairy, and since I’m vegetarian I am not getting enough of B12. This supplement is making me more energetic and my mood is happier!


A paragraph on water… Yes, water is super important okay!? I did some research on the tap water.. it’s full of fluoride, chlorine, and many more unknown chemicals, not to mention the dirty pipes it runs through. I was like, nope, no more tap water for me. To solve that issue I am getting filtered water at Whole Foods. They have reverse osmosis filtered water for 45 cents a gallon, not bad! And it tastes so much more fresh and clean! Will update if I see a big difference between the tap and filtered water once I drink more filtered water.

Next Month?

My hopes for July are to have more 10 piano students through “Lessons in your Home”, read more consistently, meet more people in the area, and make YouTube videos for my piano channel, be more creative…  and chill more before August, because it’s going to get HOT!

Have a good end of June!

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