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Ain’t that the truth.. I want to be 22 forever.

I’ve been watching advice videos for 20-somethings. The advice videos are from business people giving advice about how to approach your 20s, and what to do with the abundance of time you’re blessed with. I clicked on these videos when I was doing nothing on my laptop. The moments where I’m scrolling mindlessly on FB  I especially feel I could be doing something more productive.

One piece of advice was spot on: Don’t be impatient for your dreams. Enjoy the journey of getting there. I fall into the impatient and naive category of 20-somethings. We have a tendency to be impatient because we want success and achievement early in life. Without putting the time into what we want, we can’t get anything unless we work for it. This is very true for me, because I’m lacking in discipline. I need to focus on my craft & am not working enough to become the writer, musician, artist I want to be. I spend at most 2 hours a day practicing piano, when it should be 4-5 hours to reach the level I want to get to. I am undisciplined because I feel I have all the time in the world to do it!

One of the pieces of advice someone gave was: don’t compare yourself to others. This is sooo important especially with social media telling us what other people are doing, constantly. I like Instagram, but sometimes it can be a trap for comparing yourself with others. “Evey second you look on Instagram of what someone else has… is taking away time from something you could create for yourself”. We are all on our individual journeys and for some it takes time and patient to get something substantial long-term. The longer something takes the better the results, because consistency and time are the formula to getting something out of it. Right now, it’s all about loving the journey to get to the end goal you want. If I had everything I wanted right now, I would be so bored. I wouldn’t know what to do with my life.

Here’s what being 22 means to me:

  • It’s playing pretend in an adult world.
  • It’s being naive and optimistic
  • 22 is impatient
  • It’s adventurous and wanting to travel. 20’s are the time to travel.
  •  It’s feeling pressure from the outside world to fit in and get a real job, but not letting it get to you.
  • 22 is about questioning the old-fashioned ways we are told to live our lives.

I love the age I am. I wish I could be 22 forever. It is young enough to make mistakes and other adults will give you a free pass. It’s old enough for people to take you seriously.. .well sometimes.. And if you’ve graduated, 22 is the age to move toward your purpose and take risks. We have the gift of time and should recognize the time we have is valuable. It’s more valuable than things and money. It’s comforting to know there’s s 7 more years to be 20-something. One of the advice guys said “20s are the time to set yourself up for success later on in life”. It’s a time to plant to seeds that will grow fruit in your 30s, 40s and beyond. Right now, I’m making a decision to plant seeds in my mind that will grow and help me to help other people in my future.


2 thoughts on “22

  1. An interesting outlook on one’s 20’s! Definitely food for thought, especially about being impatient for our dreams to be realised. I know I need to be more patient and keep working on planting the seeds that I wish to reap in the future.

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