Life depending on a magical box

It’s weird to think that my entire life will be dependent on a magical box.


My life has made a turnaround this past year.

A year ago I decided to try to apply to a music school.

A few months ago I got in.

A month ago I decided to be a piano teacher.

Two weeks ago I got the job as a freelancing piano instructor.

Last week I got the job to play hymns for a week of worship services.

I don’t aim to flaunt about this, but I’m making a realization that..

My entire earnings will be dependent on this magical box.

I look at the instrument, and if it didn’t exist, I wouldn’t have a job. Simple as that.

It’s a row of tuned strings inside a wooden box. I teach people how to push certain keys to vibrate the strings. And it makes a gorgeous sound! What a magical box. What a magical life to create sound, and teach people how to create sounds that can change the atmosphere of a room.




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