Frida Fest 2017

Last weekend I went to the Dallas Museum of Art. I wrote a blog post about it here, and there were flyers about a Frida Fest next Thursday. Frida, as in the famous Mexican painter Frida Kahlo. I thought I would love to go to that.. But I didn’t think I would get to go.

Then, my friends wanted to hang out Thursday night, the same day as Frida Fest. And I said yoo let’s go to the Frida fest!! And Bayamm we went!

What is Frida Fest, you ask?

Good question. It’s an evening to celebrate her 110th birthday, and people can dress up like the famous Mexican artist and Frida Kahlo to celebrate her life. The Dallas Museum of Art displayed her paintings, and there was birthday cake. AND we could break a guiness world record for the most people dressed as Frida!
Requirements for the world record:

  • Unibrow (signature Kahlo look)
  • at least three flowers on the head
  • A long floral dress
  • A pink or red shawl

Here she is for reference:

frida pic

To make sure we fit the requirements, I made four headbands of different colored flowers. They were pretty fast and easy to make! The flowers popped right off the stems (no scissors needed) and I used hot glue to attach them to inexpensive headbands.

Screen Shot 2017-07-07 at 11.22.12 AM

Here we are wearing the headbands:

Screen Shot 2017-07-07 at 11.23.16 AM.png

When we got to the museum there were Fridas. EVERYWHERE. SO Many! I read that there were thousands in total. There’s not doubt we broke the world record.

It was hot waiting outside in the line of Fridas. I’ll never say that line again. Even though it was sticky and hot outside, I enjoyed looking at all the beautiful versions of Frida. There were men dressed as Frida, and women weaved their dark brown hair neatly into braids on the back of their head. When I lived up north, I really missed the exposure to Mexican culture, and yesterday I appreciated seeing hundreds of colorful traditional Mexican dresses.

Here’s a YouTube video I made of the event to put it into perspective:


If you saw the video, you can see that we were organized in a certain pattern for the picture. I don’t know what shape we were making exactly, but we just stood there and often people would cheer “Frida! Frida!!”. Since we got there kind of late we didn’t have to stand as long, in fact, we stood there for ten minutes. Then it was over!

Afterwards we got some water (it was so hot). There was no birthday cake left, obviously because there were sooo many people! I loved that there were a lot of us, because it shows how much respect we have for Mexican art and for this iconic woman.



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