A blog about journaling… isn’t that surprising?

Jokes aside, I haven’t been a big journaler until recently. A small journal helped get me through the very difficult and stressful months before graduation. Journaling my goals focused my mind on what I really wanted in life, and how to get there. I don’t think I’d be where I am without writing out my big ambitions and inner thoughts.

I want to dedicate this post to journaling. A classic and simple way to stay in tune with yourself, be self-aware, and have a record of how your life is progressing.

Apart from my daily blog, I keep a personal journal. I don’t want to write all my worries and frustrations here, they are too personal and trivial. A few things in my journal are lists (I love lists), a two-page bucket list, groceries, blog ideas, small victories, and thoughts of frustration.


Keeping a small pocket journal heleped me get through the last part of college. I went to Barnes and Noble once a week, and saw a display of tiny pocket notebooks. They came in all colors of the rainbow. I bought a thin white journal with the intention of keeping track of my final assignments and of my piano practice. But when I began to write in it, words just spilled out onto the pages like water escaping a dam. It turned into a journal of deep thoughts sprinkled with pages of to-do lists. It was so cute, it was small and not intimidating like large journals can be. While waiting for class to start I wrote whatever I was thinking in it. It was easy to carry around and convenient to put ideas in.

I still have the little white journal. Inside it I wrote that I was worried about getting a job after graduation. I didn’t want to join the workforce and do a job I didn’t like.. and now when I read it, I say to worried Elisa: “I gotchu”

Now when I write my worries in my journal, I remember that future me has got present me. Future me is always looking back at the small worries in past Elisa’a journal saying, ahh yeah, that was a small worry, I got you girl.







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