Catching my breath

I’m back, it was a busy week for me so I stopped writing everyday. Now I’m getting back up on that horse!! Once something happens to my schedule, I always am quick to get back on my healthy eating, early-to-rise routine.

This weekend I went to Austin to celebrate a friend’s birthday. Three other friends and I went hiking at Enchanted Rock in Fredericksburg in 100 degree weather. It was hot, but the view at the top of the rock was beautiful. Then we went to Austin and to a yummy Mexican dinner, and had fun at 6th street at several bars. The next day (with headaches)  we drove to the Comal river in New Braunfels and tubed and relaxed for three hours. It was tiring but so full of activity. I’m working on the video for it today.

I also played for two worship services this week at SMU. Since I was out of town, I learned the hymns the day before the service. It still went ok!

Finally, I’m catching my breath.

By catching my breath, I mean I’m back on my regular daily schedule. I did yoga this morning, ran a couple of miles, and worked on the hymns for my first day playing at Westview UMC. I finally feel caught up on life, meaning eating healthy, exercising, and with work. The worship services the past two weeks were like a crash course for learning hymns.. perfect before I start playing at my first (or second?) church pianist job.

Yesterday I got good news about teaching piano. I got a cute little origami piano from a student. I also got a call for a prospective student, who I’ll be teaching in a week or two. And I got three more requests for lessons! That’s 4 potential students in one day! And no, it’s not usual for me.

This blog might be all over the place right now, because I need to study for my theory placement exam that’s in 13 days. And I haven’t started..

Hope it was an adqeuate update on everything, I’ll write again tomorrow, maybe more in depth and engaging.




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