Day in the life

It’s been a while! I’ve started classes at SMU, and started working at a music school, and as an independent piano teacher. I have 15 students (that’s my cap) and am taking 13 credit hours. I also am a church pianist.

It sounds like a lot. But I’m relishing it, and making time to breathe. The course load isn’t heavy at all, I study at most 30 minutes a day and I’m making all A’s so far, and the rest of the time I practice piano or chill when I have free time.

My typical day is:

5:30am wake up

6:30am drive to the metro rail (DART)

7:45am arrive on campus

8-11am classes

Lunch and practice piano

1-2pm – Go home, run, do yoga.

3-7pm Teach piano. Some days it’s 5-7 students, some it’s only 1 student.

Practice more

10- go to sleep


I have a journal where I write down everything I have to do for the current or next day. I have a to-do list with boxes to check off. I write the exact time and what exactly I’m going to do with that time. Otherwise I’d forget where to go or what I have to do because I’m constantly moving onto the next thing.

I’m really enjoying learning about music and teaching lessons. I’m financially independent through teaching and playing at a church. I’m very happy and proud that music sustains me financially!

I love Friday-Sunday because the afternoons are free, usually I hang out with friends 1-2 times a week on the weekend. Fridays are my favorite because I have an entire afternoon to take a nap, reward myself with bubble tea, and chill out… and practice hymns and for my lesson on Saturday.

Ok gotta go! Having lunch with a friend, then heading home to chill on this nice Friday afternoon. 🙂

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