Fall Break


This picture is an accurate representation of how I was feeling yesterday on fall break… Bliss. I wrote this in my journal yesterday in a cafe after a good yoga session that morning. Yoga gives me a happy high sometimes. This is sort of a stream of consciousness, enjoy.

“Life is wonderful

It is relaxing, freeing. In this moment I can ponder, read, sit back.

I needed this break, and in juxtaposition with a busy packed schedule, I’m in bliss.

Today, I do what I want. No obligations, no classes. Currently at my favorite cafe in Plano, a book at my side.

I can stay here until lunch, I can stay here until whenever.

I can write, I can paint, play piano, take a walk at my leisure.

Going to meditation tonight after I teach 4 students.

I decided to put my laptop away for today because savoring each moment of my break is a priority.

I didn’t want to idle away time staring at a screen, I’d rather glance at words on a page.

Yoga set my day’s direction. 1 hour of body toning and stretching and deep breathing.

Yoga changed my life, since I started doing it my life started to work in my favor. It’s mental work/play.

I finished a book Revolutionary Road yesterday. It was dramatic breakup of a couple, and seemed very realistic. It took me back in time to 1950s suburbia. People playing perfect house.

I live in the cookie-cutter suburbs, but not for long.

Now I’m on page 74 of Women and Nature, written in 1974. It’s abstract, compelling, and disturbing how men “conquered” nature, land, and similarly how they treat animals and also women.

It’s an eye-opener how trees, cows, and horses have been expolited for profit.

This is a feminist book, I don’t label myself a feminist. ”




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