Bad Memories.

Like a girl scout collects badges, I have about four or more undisclosed memories on my shoulder like a badge, I am a woman. And I’m bound to get more over my lifetime. They’re nothing to be proud of.

No matter how deep I hide them, I can go back to them instantly.

They hide in a drawer in my deep memory but are quick to access. I know exactly what they said, running home in fear that I might be dragged into their car. I don’t have it as bad as others.

It doesn’t bother me that much anymore, I’ve accepted it as fact. Oh, yeah, that happened.

Mistreatment and disrespect for women across the globe… Karma needs to start working quicker.

Getting angry takes too much energy, getting emotional about it again isn’t worth it. It’s a hassle. Back into the drawer it goes.

I’m just moving on.



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