Rescuing Books

library pic 2

I decided to change up my daily routine. I was on my last 30 pages of “Upstream”, so after class I checked out SMU’s literature selection to pick up my next read.

I went to the library stacks for the first time in search of nothing in particular, hoping that a book will reach out to me and ask me to pick it, after sitting there for so long.

I scanned the isles of books to find a familiar author.

Chaucer…Orwell… Smith… Shakespeare.. Austen..

It was overwhelming. I wanted to read all of them.

I felt grateful that these stacks were at my disposal. I could read them for free.

All of this knowledge, history, and literary genius for free.

I have 2-3 years to take advantage of this treasure.

The isles were empty, and I could tell the books haven’t been touched in a while.

Three entire sections devoted to analyzing Shakespeare, of course.

I wanted to check out a compilation of his dramas, but couldn’t find his actual plays without any sort of commentary.

I finally decided on rescuing Jane Austen’s “Emma” from the stacks, then Walt Whitman’s “Leaves of Grass”. This was the first time his Leaves of Grass was checked out. They are safe with me.

They’re due November 7th.

I’ll do my best to finish them in time!

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