Meeting My New Piano Teacher

  As a teacher, it’s important for me to keep improving my piano skills. I thought I need feedback and guidance on tackling classical pieces for my videos. Recently I signed up for weekly lessons with an accomplished teacher, who lives remarkaly 7 minutes away! Today I had a consultation, didn’t know what that entailed […]

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This Week’s Piano Videos!

Hi everyone! I made a committment to myself to make 2 piano videos weekly. Due every Wednesday. That means I’m learning two new pieces a week. This is technically my first week trying out this routine, here’s how it went! First, in the spirit of Christmas, I learned a 3-page Nutcracker piece “Dance of the […]

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Let Students Make Mistakes

  After teaching piano for about 5 months now, I feel that I found my signature teaching style. I modeled it from my favorite college professor’s teaching apporach. She taught Turkish to a small class which gave each student more room to learn and practice. She was like a friend and a role model for […]

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My heart changed. I just decided to follow it. I could hear it clearly. I’m moving to something greater to help people change their lives for the better. I want to help people fulfill their dreams, and so I have to change my direction…

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