Process of Elimination – Shaping the life you want


sculpt pottery

I imagine my days like a sculpture, taking out what is not serving me. Taking out people who aren’t worth my time, things that are distracting like iphones, and jobs that are a waste of time. Then what’s left is valuable and meaningful!

I decided to share my mode of thinking in how I shaped the life I wanted.

My ideal life was:

  • Not working a retail job that pays me hourly.
  • Having time in the day to build something, be creative.
  • Doing something that relates to what I like to do: teach, music, helping people.
  • Writing daily in a journal or blog
  • Having supportive friends to vibe with
  • Making music with people (church, ensembles, collabs)


Now this is a reality, and I’ll share some tips with you that helped me get here.

Getting to this point was a process of elimination. For example…

After graduation I needed a summer job. Student loans, am I right? The first thought I had was to apply to retail stores for a full or part time job. I went to Half Price Books, and  the manager said I’d be working at the cash register for seven hours with a lunch break in between. On the car ride home I said to myself in tears, I’m worth much more than $9 an hour checking people out.. I can offer the world a lot more than that. So I checked retail jobs off my mental list of things I don’t want to do.

Then I brainstormed.. how can I support myself, and what can I offer people of value?

“Oh, I can play piano pretty well. I can teach piano!”

It took a while to get students, but slowly they came to me from referrals, and I also applied to a music teaching school and got more students that way.  That’s how my current work started.

Journaling is everything

I wrote down every day what I wanted to focus on. Journaling down things that will improve my situation, problem solving and writing it out. Journaling what is working, what is not working. It helped me determine on what I liked to do, and how to incorporate that into my life.

For example, after I read a book “ditch your job, start an epic business, and score the life you want” I jotted down the important points that will help me freelance. It really worked to get me out of the mode of thinking that “I need to work for some other business to get money”.

Bucket lists

Where do I see myself in 5-10 years? What would I like to have done?

Write a book, see some famous people in concert, travel to Sweden, whatever. It’s important to keep note of where you’re going. What your spirit lives for. Mine is becoming a better pianist and learning difficult pieces that I can’t play right now.

Look at the bucket list daily, then journal/brainstorm how you can make it happen.

Write down daily what you want, then subconsciously it’ll click into your brain.

What is NOT Working for Me?

I looked at the things that were distracting me from my goals.

  • Iphones were always distracting me from getting started in the mornings, so I decided to swap it for a flip phone. Now I am doing more yoga.


  • Going to music school was taking away time from actually playing piano, how ironic. So I decided to withdraw and take lessons from an accomplished pianist in my vicinity.


  • I spent $5 a day on a Starbucks mocha lattes, and I took that out of my routine. I am not dependent on caffiene to be productive. And I saved a lot!


Those are a few strategies I used to get where I am. Use them, and they will help! Self-reflect on what is working, what you can change, and work on sculpting the life you want to create.


With love,







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