Why I’m done with the saying “follow your passion”

don't follow your passion sign jpeg

Since I started sharing more about my piano progress, I get a lot of “follow your passion” talk.

The comments to “follow your passion” are supposed to be supportive, and I understand where these people are coming from. But something about it seems off to me…

I’m going to deconstruct where this saying comes from.

In my experience,  playing piano is not following a passion. I’m just being a normal me.  It’s just working on a skill that I am developing.

I’ve played piano since I was 5, and I’m starting to share it more. So actually I’ve been “following my passion” for 17 years. Telling someone to “follow your passion” is like telling a pizza-maker to go make pizza. Or a marathon runner to go out for a jog.

Because it’s rare see people do what they like for a living, when people finally see someone do what they love it’s categorized into “following a passion”. Especially if it’s in the arts. You don’t tell a computer programmer to “follow their passion” as much as a painter probably because the pay is percieved as less than a software engineer.



The majority of people unfortunately go to jobs they don’t like.. people wake up at 6:00 am to work all day for someone else. I want to help people get into their natural state and be creators they were meant to be.

It’s not choosing to follow a passion… it’s doing what you would do if money wasn’t an option, and making opportunities for yourself out of your strengths.

I decided to follow my strengths, and I determined that piano is the main thing that I am good at. I can read music pretty well, and I am developing experience as a pianist. This is the knowledge I want to offer people of the internet.

People are out of touch with their emotions that they are lost on what will make them happy. When they listen to their heart, their gut, it is usually right.

If I could suggest an alternative to this worn-out piece of advice, I’d say, follow your strengths and run with it!



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