How Running Changed my Mentality

Running magic

If you asked me three years ago to run 3 miles, I’d say I’d never do that, not even for fun. The thought of it would make me feel exhausted

Now running is a part of my daily routine. I don’t remember what made me try it, but it’s now a go-to for getting started in the day.

I run about 2-3 miles every morning. But I’m not here to brag about how far I can run.

I’m here to edify how running changed my mentality.

Running’s not just for physical benefits. It’s a tool I use to shape my mentality.

I set a goal:

“I’m going to run x miles today”

Some days it’s hard. Sometimes I stop, but I tell myself to keep going.

My heart’s beating, I can hear my breath.

Going uphill my legs feel weaker, but they’re getting stronger.

One step at a time, each is important to get to the finish.


Each step, no matter how small, is important to get to the finish line.

I want to make this blog bigger… write a post each day.

I want to be a better piano player… play piano every day.

These are the little things that make a difference over time.


The longer I have to run, the more I allow myself to appreciate the journey.

It’s not just about finishing 3 miles. It’s the feeling of running…

Hearing the birds cheering me on as I turn the corner.

Seeing the sun cast its light over the trees in the park.

Passing my neighbors, smiling, and saying “good morning”.


It’s not just about the goal, it’s about the journey.

After a good run, I am more energized than I was before I ran.

I extend my arms and let the energy run through my fingers and feeling the power run through me.

It’s a recharge for the day, so I can continue my running mentality for the rest of the day. It’s running magic.

Running has changed my life to help me run to my dreams.


Love and light,






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