What Elisa says to herself in the car

Car talk

I talk to myself a lotttt. I might be crazy, or brilliant. Since I got rid of my iPhone music in the car, I started talking to myself.

With my ego at stake, here’s an inside scoop on what Elisa says to herself in in the car:

“I’m gonna be a millionaire!”

“I love you.. no matter what happens”

“I’m gonna go practice when I get home for like 4 hours” … *practices only 20 minutes*

“Today’s gonna be a good day” *car cuts me off* “ok God”

“We’re gonna go blog in starbucks and order a hot chocolate, okay!” (I refer to myself as “we” sometimes)

“I need to go to more meetups, I need more friends around here”

‘What will happen if I..” *loses train of thought*

“I’m gonna be so successful that $100 will seem like a $1 bill.”

“What are we gonna manifest today?”

“The universe will support me on my path, I’m taking a risk but I have absolute trust.”


It’s called word power.

Words have power, which is why affirmations work. Talking to myself helps me check in  on my goals, and how I’m feeling. It’s like journaling, out loud. Lol. Word power!




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