Meeting My New Piano Teacher



As a teacher, it’s important for me to keep improving my piano skills. I thought I need feedback and guidance on tackling classical pieces for my videos. Recently I signed up for weekly lessons with an accomplished teacher, who lives remarkaly 7 minutes away!

Today I had a consultation, didn’t know what that entailed intitially, but it was an interview about my background with piano and what I want to achieve with lessons.

As I stepped foot in her hosuse, taking off my shoes, I got a glimpse of two Steinway grands to the right of the hallway! Ugh, yes.

We sat down for a consultation to talk about my goals, I said I want to learn one piece a week. I told her I want to record 1-2 pieces a week on video. Now I have accountability for my goals!

My new teacher is a huge piano nerd like me. Next to the wall I saw a huge bookcase of piano music, more goals. Her house and life was goals to me, two grands, and lots of adult students.. because teaching small kids takes a lot of energy..

I’m excited because she informed me there’s a music teacher’s association in Plano/Dallas, and lots of opportunities to play in public, events, etc. There’s a demand for accompanists at a local highschool for competitions. This is a world I never knew existed!

I’m very glad to have a teacher nearby, and also inspiration from another piano nerd like me!

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