This Week’s Piano Videos!

Hi everyone!

I made a committment to myself to make 2 piano videos weekly. Due every Wednesday. That means I’m learning two new pieces a week. This is technically my first week trying out this routine, here’s how it went!

First, in the spirit of Christmas, I learned a 3-page Nutcracker piece “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy”. I learned it in three days, I started it on Sunday evening and I had until Wednesday to film it. There are some minor mistakes in the video, because it was still very fresh. But I’m glad it sounds good for the most part! Enjoy!



For the second piece I picked a nice Waltz by Erik Satie called “Je Te Veux”. I have no idea what that means, but the melody speaks for itself. While playing it I’m transported to the streets of Paris in on a windy Autumn evening. The piece is like taking a lovely stroll. I’ll always like playing this one. I’ll go back to it whenever I feel I need to go back to Paris. 😉


Tonight I picked next’s week’s songs: another nutcracker song, and a Chopin Prelude. I’ll start on them earlier so they can sink into my hands better.

Why learn two songs a week?

I want to expand my piano reperetoire. I want a deadline so I can continue learning, and develop as a pianist. And after a year, I’ll have upwards of 100 videos to show for it! Please follow me to see my piano journey! I hope to inspire people to expand their musical vocabulary too.




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