A rocky relationship with books

I’m kind of a fake book-lover. I definitely don’t read every day, in fact I go weeks without reading. But there are the prime moments where I read before I go to sleep, and read when I wake up. That is the ideal I want to achieve, but I never keep it consistent.

Sometimes I forget books exist, and sometimes I’m in the isles of Barnes & Noble fanticizing about all of the knowledge I could accumulate.

This is my rocky relationship with books. I realize the value they hold, especially nonfic, and yet I’m lazy to open them up and scan the pages. It’s impatience.

And here I am, in a Starbucks with a Barnes and Noble shopping bag,  two heavy books inside. They’re my assigned readings for the week, let’s see if I actually finish them…

  1. “The Marketing Plan Handbook”


Why did I buy this one? Well, I’m in the “early stages” of starting an online business. It’s very early in the process, so this book will help me clarify what market to get into and what services to provide online. This could also help to develop my personal piano teaching business. Right now more like freelancing, but maybe one day a business!

2. “If I Understood You, Would I Have This Look on My Face?: My Adventures in the Art and Science of Relating and Communicating”


This book’s about communicating better. I want to be a better speaker on camera, and with people. I’m trusting that this book will help, if I read all of it.

Alright! That’s my relationship with books. I end up buying them,  half-finishing them or forgetting about them. I’ll update next week when I should have them all read.

What about you? I hope you can relate, life’s busy, and it’s hard to set aside time to read books. I’d like to hear about your relationship with reading.




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