Business Marketing


Hi, I’m working a lot on expanding my piano teaching business locally. My goal is to take in 4 new students in January, and I’m calling different places (dance studios, martial arts pleaces, churches) to post ads. I really want new students and to be able to teach more in the area.

I bought a marketing book. It helped think about what type of ad would work. It said that the companies that market the most, get the most business. I believe that!

I reflected on the amount of time I had spent on marketing my services.. basically none. That explained why I haven’t had a new student in a while.. so now I’m working on marketing every day.

I’m commissioning an artist work on the graphics for my ad..

After my ad’s ready, I’m putting it in a theatre production program for “Beauty and the Beast” and “The Lion King” that has 200-300 attendees each.

My next strategy for marketing is to get my ad approved by the local Independent School District so I can post it at public schools.

After that, I’ll see if potentials contact me.

I’m learning marketing not from a University, but from simple a book and my own experiences. It’s actually fun to work on. I have big goals, I’m going to be one of the best known piano teachers in Plano/Allen.

Will update soon on how things are going!




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