Week 3:This Week’s Piano Videos

For this week’s videos I learned another Nutcracker song called “Dance of the Reed Pipes”. I don’t know what a reed pipe is, or if it even dances, but on the piano it sounds way more pretty than its title. This was a tricky song because of the consecutive octave jumps, I was nervous about getting those wrong and landing on the wrong notes. Luckily that didn’t happen in this take:



For the second song I took on a a risky Chopin nocturne, op.72 No.1. Risky in the sense that I didn’t think I could completely finish it and make it sound good after just a week. It’s 4 pages long, and there’s a few scales with different timings than the left hand. Last night I was up late determined to get those pesky scales down. I kind of muffed/simplified them in this take, but it sounds like I didn’t really make a mistake. I also realized that I played it slower than supposed to… most YouTube versions of this piece are 4:30-5 mins long, mine is 6! Oh well, I still hope you enjoy and maybe it will help you fall asleep at night.


I honestly love my new top. I’m going to start wearing cool stylish outfits for my videos. Just to make me feel more confident, and look cute in a vid, because why not?




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