Upgrade to the 2.0 version of you


New Year is coming, time for a personal software upgrade.

Just like an iPhone has better versions, more storage, higher functions, we also need to constantly upgrade ourselves. You don’t want to be the same persion you were 3 years ago, at least I don’t!

This is my list of the qualities of Elisa 2.0. Customize your to what you like,  these are the qualities I am going to embody.

  • Wakes up at 5am
  • Reads a book a week
  • Post a piano video a week
  • Continues to write in journal
  • Is a more engaging piano teacher
  • Is actively marketing her music biz
  • Continues to go yoga and run 5k regularly
  • Disciplined in practicing piano 2+ hours a day.
  • By 2018 will get 12 new piano students


Goals happen with consistent daily habits. These are habits will help me reach my goals by the end of 2018.


Have a good New Year! Comment below on what 2.0 you looks like!



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