Tiredness, early morning brain fog – Practice Log No.1

I got to campus at 8:15am and started practicing around 8:20.

I teach immediately after I get home from college, so the block of 2 hours was the only time I get to practice today. Which is why I was practicing so early.

Playing Bach early in the morning is not the greatest idea…

Started Bach’s WTC Prelude No.11, and read through the two pages slowly. On difficult parts I played one hand at a time. I made stupid minor mistakes, a lot, because I’m on 6 hours of sleep. It felt like I was drunk or something, like my brain was slow and my hands didn’t respond to what my brain was saying fast enough.



Anyway, this made me frustrated. I’m tired and in a bad mood.

I played through that piece for 1 hour, then took a break by playing through Scott Joplin’s Magnetic Rag. I really like this rag, I plan to film it sometime this week. It wasn’t just Bach my slow brain was struggling with, I made easy mistakes on this one too! Of course I make mistakes a lot, but these were like simple mistakes. Anyway, I tried to have fun playing with that one, it’s just my mind was in a haze getting adjusted to getting up at 6am, and practicing early.

After 30 minutes of reading through the rag a few times, I was back to Bach.

This time I worked on the 2-page fugue. This one intimidates me because there are 3 voices, and it requires intricate finger placings, plus having to make all three voices sing their melodies. I just focused on the left hand, then the right hand, then I put them together. This will take about a week to learn and get down.

Even though I was tired, I kept playing, not giving up. I felt like giving up, but there’s no other time to practice today. So, a little progress happened today.






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