Hitting Rock Bottom (with a fancy iPad Pro)

Today was a hard day, and it’s only 11:00am.

Yesterday I spent all my money and savings on this gorgeous iPad. Stupid decision? Maybe.. My old laptop was incredibly nonfunctional.. I had it for 5 years and it simply didn’t work anymore.

But hey, this iPad is doing everything for my writing, I like the keys, it’s infinitely faster than my last MacBook. This is my new laptop.

The reason today is hard is I lost my wallet. I’m a huge drama queen today and I actually started crying when I couldn’t find it. It has all my essential identity cards, my debit card, some cash, etc.

The thing is, I NEVER lose anything. It isn’t the fact that I lost my wallet that distressed me, it’s the fact that I lost something. I misplaced something, and that to me means I am not in sync. I guess I’m a control freak, that’s ok.

Because I spent all my money on this iPad, I literally can’t afford to replace everything that was in my wallet. My IDs, debit cards, so I basically broke down today.

I’m at rock bottom. My version of rock bottom.

My version of rock bottom is: no money to my name, out of sync with my routine, cluttered car and bedroom (check), not exercising, eating unhealthy (check), emotionally not motivated, depending on other people.

Yup, I’m at rock bottom. With an iPad..

But I do have another perspective, the optimistic perspective of rock bottom.. I love the climb. I love the romantic story of starting from nothing, and achieving success despite all the obstacles. That kind of story is a guilty pleasure of mine. I like starting from nothing, I like building something from nothing. That’s where motivation comes from. You can’t get any lower than rock bottom. The only way is up.

I saw an interview with JK Rowling, she has an incredible success story. I recommend the interview with Oprah, two women I really look up to. She said that the things you learn from the bottom will help you grow. If her mother didn’t die, she wouldn’t have written Harry Potter. Her legacy came from her coping from losing her mother. Just like Harry lost his parents, her books are about coping with loss.

Here is a quote from her:

Today may just be a drama queen day for me.. but I learned a lot. It helps a lot to self-reflect and share vulnerabilities with others. Whoever may be watching on this internet. I just hope it helps other people too.

So tell me, what is your version of rock bottom? Does it involve and iPad?

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