Podcasts in Traffic

Update on yesterday: I found my wallet! It was on the floor on the back seat of my car. I guess I’m not at rock bottom anymore.

I was in yesterday morning’s rush hour traffic, and thought I should optimize this hour I’m wasting in the car. I should listen to some motivational, helpful life advice. Then I decided to start listening to podcasts.

So I’ve finally hopped into the Podcast bandwagon. First of all, I’m a entrepreneurial wannabe, I own a small business. My ideal podcasts would be about self-development, business building, managing a business. After listening to successful business owners for about a year on YouTube, some millionaires, billionaires, I decided to teach piano and that changed my concept of making money. Their advice made an impact on my life and my job.

I’m an advocate for surrounding yourself with influences that you aspire to be like. WIth podcasts, I can get into their heads of successful business owners, learn their struggles, their lessons, and how to deal with adversity.

I looked up the best Podcasts for entrepreneurs and here’s what I’ve downloaded so far:

– Entrepreneur on Fire

– Rich20something

– StartUp Stories

– TheGaryVee Experience

I’m nowhere near where this is advice is applicable yet because I don’t own a big business. These people discuss concepts like mass marketing, sales, distributing merchandise, content creating. Some will be applicable in the future. I’m just learning about these concepts right now so I can apply later on.

You are the sum of the 5 people you surround yourself with. With Podcasts, you can choose those 5 successful people who you can’t find in real life.

Tell me what you think about podcasts, what are your favorites?

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