My Fascination with Organ music

I’ve been really into organ music lately. It suits my mood, it’s powerful, it’s so many elements at once. I’m exploring Bach’s organ works and downloading them so I can listen to them on my long drives to and from University. I just hope I don’t get hearing loss from so much organ listening. One […]

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Race against time

I’m quickly trying to memorize the Beethoven Sonata and the Chopin Mazurka. It’s a race against time now. I have two weeks to get them into my hands for jury. Surprisingly, I’m not too stressed. I know life goes on after jury, I’m excited for summer and posting more piano videos, and I can finally […]

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Making Music Magic

Hey friends! Today was a chill Sunday, I played the hymns for church this morning. It went well! I got chipotle. I took a nap. Then I did an hour of yoga. After yoga I practiced my jury pieces. I did the Chopin Mazurka in depth, and played through the Beethoven sonata a few times. […]

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Perfection Paralysis

Hi I’m Elisa and I used to be a perfectionist. I read somewhere of a term called Perfection Paralysis, I didn’t have this problem but it’s interesting to share: Perfection paralysis: spending too much time on the details that you don’t get anything done. You are unable to share your creations because you think they […]

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