Self journalism – the new norm

I’m standing writing this because I am tired of sitting down. My legs need to be useful. Doing yoga has taught me to listen to my body, and my legs say they need to work right now. All day I’ve either been playing the piano, or lounging on the sofa for this beautiful Saturday. Ok, let’s get to the reason behind this blog…

I am trying to create more and consume less.

Trying is a bad word to use, I know, but that’s what I could think of for now.

My version of creating more is making weekly piano covers of songs, and writing out my thoughts on this blog.

The problem is that I’ve been consuming a lot, and I’m not talking about food.

I’m a YouTube junkie, I like to listen to successful people’s advice and their stories. I like to watch influencers live out their dreams and be successful, but then I look at my life and think why am I still here and not where I want to be? I’m literally on the sofa eating a pizza.

I’ve heard that if you give more through art, your words, your stories, life is more fulfilling. You’ve made an impact. So I’m on a mission to give more of myself to perhaps help people be more creative.

We are consumers of media, on instagram, videos, facebook. Why not be on the other side and produce things others will enjoy? My goal is to get on the other side. Make videos, content, every day. Self-journalism is the norm.

Since my jury is coming up in a few weeks, practicing for jury (piano exam) will be the big topic I’m going to document. I’m a little scared for it, it’s my first jury at SMU Meadows. I need to memorize three pieces by May 7th. I am okay playing them with the sheet music, I just need to memorize two of the pieces in time. I don’t understand why playing by memory is so important in classical music. That’s a whole other blog topic. But memorizing is definitely possible if I work every day at it.

This is going to be self-journalism. It’s not self-absorbed, it’s just my life.


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