Making Music Magic

Hey friends!

Today was a chill Sunday, I played the hymns for church this morning. It went well!

I got chipotle.

I took a nap.

Then I did an hour of yoga.

After yoga I practiced my jury pieces. I did the Chopin Mazurka in depth, and played through the Beethoven sonata a few times. To be honest, I could’ve gone more in detail with the Beethoven.

What happened after the obligatory practicing when the fun began!

I decided to print out the Harry Potter soundtrack and read some of my favorite songs from it.

John Williams is a genius composer! These tunes are absolutely magical. They perfectly create an atmosphere of mystery and adventure. When I play then I’m transported into the Harry Potter world.

I decided to share my sightreading on insta, so go to _.elisa.marina._ to hear it.

But I also compiled the videos into a cohesive movie and posted it on YouTube. Listen to it here:

I’m creating more for my YouTube channel and my blog. It doesn’t take a lot of planning to figure out what to post. I just document what I love to do.

I would’ve sightread the Harry Potter songs anyway, all I’m doing is just making content from it and sharing it.

In college I used to do this late into the night, playing my favorite soundtracks and musicals. Now I’m so much better at sightreading! I’m glad I used that time playing instead of studying because now it’s so worth it!

I encourage you to go make some magic of your own, get into your creative flow, and share what happens.


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