Race against time

I’m quickly trying to memorize the Beethoven Sonata and the Chopin Mazurka.

It’s a race against time now. I have two weeks to get them into my hands for jury.

Surprisingly, I’m not too stressed. I know life goes on after jury, I’m excited for summer and posting more piano videos, and I can finally play what I want!

I used to be terrified of playing for people, especially piano experts. But I realize it’s just a grade, a learning opportunity to practice playing in front of people, and that I’m not going to die if I mess up.

I’m here to learn, to fail and learn from mistakes. I want to have as many experiences with piano as possible. When I make it through jury, whether I completely bomb it or not, I will feel proud that I had the guts to do it.

All I can do is practice as much as I can.

I plan to have all of my jury pieces memorized by Friday.

This Friday I’m going to film them all together and post them on YouTube. It’s my mock jury. I think I’m going to do that every day in May leading up to the jury so I can get used to the routine. First Bach, then Beethoven, then Chopin.

It’s super helpful to record yourself if you’re a musician. You learn where your mistakes are and need to focus on those difficult sections. I’ve learned a lot about my playing through my piano videos. Sometimes as musicians, we think we sound amazing but in a recording it could sound not so good. That’s happened to me a few time with my videos, I think I sound amazing but it comes out average.

Today’s agenda is:

-Get lunch at Whole Foods

-Get an oil change, read while I wait. (so adult)

-teach a student

-run for 40 minutes

-practice piano and drill the Mazurka & Beethoven

I formulated this like a typical journal entry. If it’s all over the place, that’s normal!

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