My Fascination with Organ music

I’ve been really into organ music lately.

It suits my mood, it’s powerful, it’s so many elements at once.

I’m exploring Bach’s organ works and downloading them so I can listen to them on my long drives to and from University. I just hope I don’t get hearing loss from so much organ listening.

One of the things on my bucket list is to learn the organ. I have a lot of time in my life to learn it, so eventually it will happen. ☺️

The closest I get to playing it is when I play our keyboards in church I use the different organ sound effects. That’s a start! Lol

A few weeks ago I went to watch an organ masterclass conducted by an accomplished organist. She worked with four different organ students, up on the balcony where the keyboard is. There’s so many elements involved, the feet playing the pedals (if that’s what they’re called), several layers of keyboards, and changing the stops to produce different sounds. Multitasking to the max.

One would think that because I can play the piano and read piano music that it’ll be easy for me to learn the organ… That’s not the case.

I think the sheet music is structured differently because the foot notes are included. You have to learn the stops, and how to play with both hands AND your feet. That’s what’s appealing to me. I love the bass sound that the feet pedals produce, and it’s just so epic to fill a room with powerful sound.

Anyway, that’s what I think about this beautiful instrument. Hopefully one day I’ll get to play it!

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