Hi everyone,

I wanted to document what happened yesterday, it’s going to be very raw.

I got a phone call from a hospital saying i owed $1,600 from the hospital last year. I couldn’t believe it and my heart sank. They were sending the bills to my college address. Last year I went to the hospital for a concussion, and also later for a minor foot injury. And since I’m in Texas I didn’t know about the bills at all! I was shocked, had literally $62 in my account. They asked how much I could give towards the collections and I said I’d call them later when I could process everything. I was very frustrated with my financial situation. It’s hard to me to admit it, but I haven’t been looking after my expenses. It was the 5th Sunday of the month and I have to wait until next week for my church check, and all of my students are paying their tuition this week I’m expecting a couple of hundred this week, they caught me at a vulnerable time.

I called them back at 4pm, the collector said how much can I give towards the payment and I said $50. It was so pathetic, I felt incredibly embarrassed. And we arranged that every month I would pay $200 the 12th of every month. I’m a college student, piano teacher, and church pianist paying off my student debt as well. I don’t have the time to make a lot of money, but I NEEDED to get more students.

After that phone call I was very angry at myself for not having money, I told myself very sternly “I’ll NEVER BE THIS BROKE AGAIN” it’s my responsibility to provide for myself. I’ve never been that emotional in a while. I was NOT playing, I told myself to stop wasting time and start working on my business and adversitising.

Two minutes later I got a phone call.

It was a woman asking about piano lessons for her two kids.. and also for herself. That’s three new students! This was exactly what I needed, and I cried after the phone call. I no longer needed to to advertise, the answer to my problem just came to me minutes after I asked for it.

That’s my miracle.. ask and ye shall receive. It’s magic.

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