I’m a Writer

Hi, I’ve just decided that I’m going to be a writer. Well.. technically I am because I’m writing this blog post. Also I spent $98 to renew my blog website so I better make use of it haha!!

Seriously though, I’m going to write several books in my lifetime. I don’t know what they’re going to be about yet, but there’s tons of ideas in my head.

This blog is where I start to develop my voice. It’s my daily exercise routine to get my writer’s muscles working and my creative brain going.

Here are the topics that I would want to help people with:

Health and lifestyle

Spirituality and practicality

Managing money for millennials

How to start a teaching business locally

How to start out on YouTube

All of these are a big part of my life. I do yoga, I run, meditate, run a small business, am a working musician, and have a YouTube channel. Sounds like a lot! But I’m bored this summer, to be honest. There’s sooo much time on my hands. If I could help people in these areas of life I’d be happy to do it!

The most important message I want to convey is:

Put yourself first. Find time to do what you love and share it. Share it like crazy.

By putting yourself first you take care of your health, your emotions, your business, so you are in a good position to give 110% to everything.

I’m developing a daily habit of reading from an inspirational book every morning. Books that Oprah would read. Just to give me a bigger picture on life before I start my day. I was thinking I could write down what I got from these books on my blog and elaborate on them. I need to pick a topic from the ones above, or maybe it could find a way to combine them. I still need to freewrite about it. Yup this blog is a mess, I admit it. But I promse each day they’re going to be more organized and concise. Welcome to my writing journey.

Thanks for reading! Look forward to daily posts on this blog!

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