Something told me to paint

Something told me to paint.

Something told me to full my shopping cart with painting supplies, bring it home, and immediately start painting.

This is what I painted on Monday:

This is a real chapel I visited in the woods of Arkansas. It was absolutely magical, it was nature and human construction brilliantly synchronized. I took a picture of it and replicated it here.

The walls were glass, the trees were the wallpaper.

What compelled me to paint…

I was getting bored of making piano videos. It didn’t seem like it was going anywhere. I needed a break from just piano.

I think it’s important to explore different sides of creativity. I’m not just a pianist, I’m not just a teacher. There are infinite mediums to express creativity, which excites me!

Yesterday I made painting #2, called Galaxy. I wanted to explore different shades of blue and purple, and to blend them together. This was an exercise in blending and in light.

The cosmos really puts life into perspective. I wanted to show that there’s so much more possibilities, possibilities in people’s lives, in their potential, and in their choices. There’s so much we don’t know, and that’s the beauty of it! The universe is mysterious, full of extreme light and darkness. It just gives me a feeling of “there’s so much you don’t know, you may of may not find out.” It’s comforting to not know everything.

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