How I started a Freelancing Business as a part-time student

One year ago I had graduated from college, and I was 22, stuck living in my parents house. I was also a transfer student starting a new major at a local university. I needed a summer job to be financially independent until the Fall. My parents calculated how much I needed to make monthly: rent, utilities, food, gas, etc. I remember the number clearly: $1,300 a MONTH.

This shocked me and I was almost going to cry at this number. I never made this much in my life, and didn’t have a steady income. My first thought was where I should work.

“I’d like to work at Half Price Books” ” I like books” I thought. So I got an interview at a bookstore, the manager said I’d be standing at the register 7 hours a day. Never mind. Not for me.

I never wanted a 9-5 job. I didn’t want to work for anyone else, it sounds like a selfish entitled millennial problem, but I honestly didn’t want to work for someone else as an employee.

I frantically searched my brain for ideas…

“What can I do best? And will people pay me to do it?”

Teach piano!!

In that moment I was scared, yet excited. I never taught piano before. Nevertheless, I printed 100 flyers to send out to the neighborhood. I put flyers on my neighbor’s doors hoping they would get me students. They didn’t work.

Days and weeks later I was frustrated, desperate for students, still no job, still no income. I posted on the next door app about piano lessons, and I got my first response!! A brother and a sister wanted lessons.

That was the beginning of my freelancing. Right now I have 13 students and I’m thoroughly enjoying it. I love my job, and helping students develop so many skills. I have all morning and all afternoon to do what I want and be lazy. Practice piano, write, paint, etc. I have the freedom and flexibility to choose when to work. I’m very lucky with my current career as I’m not working for anyone else, not standing at a register, or sitting in a cubicle starting at a screen.

On this blog I will share what I know to help people who don’t like their job to make their hobby into a business! If you’re a student you can make a good income while studying full time! I’ll be giving tips on this blog on how to turn YOUR passion into a brand and make it monetizable! Much more to come!

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