This is my private journal entry that I made today, but I’m going to make it public because it might help someone. “Just had what I believe to have been the worst piano lesson I’ve has so far. Or should I say best? Because I learned a lot about how i should practice. It was […]

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Piano Masterclass Notes

This spring break was fun, I’m spending my time listening to awesome talented pianists for a few days. There’s an international piano competition happening at SMU, and they had 3 masterclasses we could attend. Being a piano nerd, I went to two of them and mentally took notes during each one. For those of you […]

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Piano lesson improvement

I am very satisfied right now, a subdued joy in my heart. I had another great piano lesson! After I played for my professor, he said “very good” many times with a smile. I’m working on a difficult fast Bach piece and I tackled it almost perfectly during the lesson. It’s not the fact that […]

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Podcasts in Traffic

Update on yesterday: I found my wallet! It was on the floor on the back seat of my car. I guess I’m not at rock bottom anymore. I was in yesterday morning’s rush hour traffic, and thought I should optimize this hour I’m wasting in the car. I should listen to some motivational, helpful life […]

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Upgrade to the 2.0 version of you

New Year is coming, time for a personal software upgrade. Just like an iPhone has better versions, more storage, higher functions, we also need to constantly upgrade ourselves. You don’t want to be the same persion you were 3 years ago, at least I don’t! This is my list of the qualities of Elisa 2.0. […]

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Business Marketing

Hi, I’m working a lot on expanding my piano teaching business locally. My goal is to take in 4 new students in January, and I’m calling different places (dance studios, martial arts pleaces, churches) to post ads. I really want new students and to be able to teach more in the area. I bought a […]

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