Upgrade to the 2.0 version of you

New Year is coming, time for a personal software upgrade. Just like an iPhone has better versions, more storage, higher functions, we also need to constantly upgrade ourselves. You don’t want to be the same persion you were 3 years ago, at least I don’t! This is my list of the qualities of Elisa 2.0. […]

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Business Marketing

Hi, I’m working a lot on expanding my piano teaching business locally. My goal is to take in 4 new students in January, and I’m calling different places (dance studios, martial arts pleaces, churches) to post ads. I really want new students and to be able to teach more in the area. I bought a […]

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Meeting My New Piano Teacher

  As a teacher, it’s important for me to keep improving my piano skills. I thought I need feedback and guidance on tackling classical pieces for my videos. Recently I signed up for weekly lessons with an accomplished teacher, who lives remarkaly 7 minutes away! Today I had a consultation, didn’t know what that entailed […]

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This Week’s Piano Videos!

Hi everyone! I made a committment to myself to make 2 piano videos weekly. Due every Wednesday. That means I’m learning two new pieces a week. This is technically my first week trying out this routine, here’s how it went! First, in the spirit of Christmas, I learned a 3-page Nutcracker piece “Dance of the […]

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Let Students Make Mistakes

  After teaching piano for about 5 months now, I feel that I found my signature teaching style. I modeled it from my favorite college professor’s teaching apporach. She taught Turkish to a small class which gave each student more room to learn and practice. She was like a friend and a role model for […]

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