My heart changed. I just decided to follow it. I could hear it clearly. I’m moving to something greater to help people change their lives for the better. I want to help people fulfill their dreams, and so I have to change my direction…

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  Thursdays are the day that I have get a good night’s sleep for. Because I’m out of the house for more than 12 hours…  I have to mentally prepare myself for today. I drive to SMU at 6:30am, take two classes, and teach 7 students in the afternoon until 8pm. Then I collapse and […]

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Best Concerts of My Life

This weekend my Mom and I had the best live music experience of our lives, not an exaggeration. We ventured to New York City to see two great pianists: Martha Argerich and Andras Schiff. I’ve wanted to see Martha Argerich in concert after listening to her interpretations for a couple of years. She rarely comes […]

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Rescuing Books

I decided to change up my daily routine. I was on my last 30 pages of “Upstream”, so after class I checked out SMU’s literature selection to pick up my next read. I went to the library stacks for the first time in search of nothing in particular, hoping that a book will reach out […]

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Bad Memories.

Like a girl scout collects badges, I have about four or more undisclosed memories on my shoulder like a badge, I am a woman. And I’m bound to get more over my lifetime. They’re nothing to be proud of. No matter how deep I hide them, I can go back to them instantly. They hide […]

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Self-educated in Finances

I like dealing with money, I like saving and making it, doesn’t everyone? Let’s be honest. I didn’t want to shy away from talking about money. It’s a big part of my life, it runs my life and everyone else’s. I won’t reveal too much, but I’m finally financially independent. All off of music. I […]

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